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“Brilliant! No time wasting very detailed and covered every aspect of my industry. Every one fears putting in the effort and still missing areas that require attention. This covered the lot. My time is better spent implementing safety or enjoying my weekend. If you want your staff safe like me, buy this document and spend time walking them through it. Keeps everyone safe and my obligation to safely culture is complete. Buy this!!.”

Stephen Hewitson

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“We were in the process of obtaining certification and I required a Quality Management System that involved various areas of paperwork. Docs by SafetyCulture had everything I needed to ensure compliance - it was like a one-stop shop.”

Graeme Rutley

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“Easy to use. Even for a 57 year old. !! Value for money, compared to others. Makes me compliant now with insurance companies and builders we work for. Oh and thanks for the heads up with the COVID plan. It has meant we can keep working. Cheers.”

G Robinson

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“Had to show a swms for my small business for a big job. Thought I had one but did not, SC saved me by having one specific for my business. I edited a few things and it is the real deal.”

Robert Baum

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“Purchased the management plan and worked through the document and have found it to be very user friendly. The instructions given to simplify the set up are excellent. I would recommend any company to the SafetyCulture website.”

Tina Jenner

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This SOP serves it purpose perfectly, I highly recommend it for any machining/jobbing shop with lathes, it was easy to read and easy to process through with the staff.”

Paul Nicholson